Rating: 3.25
Location: Woodstock, IL
Founded: October 2020
Last visited: October 2021

Well appointed, spacious taproom and inviting patio. Twelve beers on tap when we visited.

Blonde Ale (3.50) – Light bodied and crisp flavor. Slight bite from hops. Not your typical lawnmower beer.

Lager (2.50) – Medium body, seems lacking in malt character. Minimal hop bitterness. A weird aftertaste persists.

Pilsner (2.50) – Described as a German Pilsner, but sadly, misses the mark. Medium level of bitterness, which is appropriate for style. Same weird aftertaste as detected in the lager.

Tangerine Gose (3.75) – Sharp and tart, according to style. Light and refreshing. Minimally hopped. Decent example of style.

Brown Ale (4.50) – Bold, malty, and sweet amber colored ale. Caramel notes, roasted character. Excellent example of style, reminiscent of Newcastle Brown Ale.

Baltic Porter (2.75) – Dark and medium bodied porter. Needs enhancement in the malt bill. Objectionable aftertaste, possibly due to 8.25% ABV.

Kishwaukee Brewing Co

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