Rating: 3.50
Location: Galena, IL
Founded: 2010
Last visited: October 2021

Farmer’s Blonde (3.00) – Light bodied, refreshing ale. Lightly hopped. Highly drinkable lawnmower beer.

Fevre River Ale Hefeweizen (2.50) – Light bodied wheat beer. Could use more malt character. Clove character lacking.

Thirsty Squirrel Pecan Nut Brown Ale (3.75) – Malty and sweet, caramel notes evident. Pecan flavor hard to detect.

Oktoberfest (1.50) – Thin bodied lager, severely lacking roasted character. Malty sweetness is a significant for this style and cannot be found in this beer.

Ulysses Dark Oatmeal Stout (4.00) – Bold, roasted malt character. A big and malty stout. Hop bitterness appropriate for style.

Duke of Earl Coffee Milk Stout Nitro (4.25) – Bold and dark, big beer all around. Coffee aspects shine in the forefront.
Creamy and easy to drink.

Witch’s Apple Berliner Weisse (4.50) – Fruity and sour, according to style. Hop character on the very light side, as expected. Pucker factor significant.

Typical pub food on the menu. They were completely out of the two pretzel appetizers on our visit.

Galena Brewing Co

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