Rating: 4.25
Location: Huntley, IL
Founded: 2019
Last visited: October 2021

Medium sized taproom with lots of outdoor seating. Our bartender was knowledgeable about the beers and was also well-versed in the local craft beer scene. There were 14 beers on tap when we visited.

John Boy Pils (5.00) – Crisp, medium bodied lager. Excellent bite of hop bitterness to balance malt sweetness. Hits the bullseye for this style.

Kölsch Call (4.50) – Smooth, clear, crisp German ale. Hint of hop bitterness just right for style.

Hey Hey Hazy IPA (4.75) – Straw colored, murky IPA. Beautiful hoppy bouquet. Fruity overtones abound. Bitterness lingers after first sip.

Alt 140 (3.75) – Amber appearance, medium body. Hopped slightly more aggressively than necessary for style. A slight increase in the malt bill would improve this beer significantly, as well as some extra roasted malt.

Cherry Funnel Cake Berliner Weisse (4.25) – Properly tart Berliner, with cherry adjuncts. Cake-like aspects in the bouquet are rather inviting. Terrific dessert type of beer.

Stan’s Amber (3.75) – Medium bodied amber ale. Hop bitterness noticeable, probably at a higher level than the listed 28 IBU. Well balanced beer that is quite drinkable.

The Friendly Village Porter (4.50) – Hugely malty porter. Creamy mouthfeel. Roasted aspects abound, but more would be even better. Warm and comforting beer. Vanilla notes in bouquet.

Borden Street Milk Stout (4.25) – Malty and sweet aspects at the forefront. Chocolate flavors sneak into the flavor profile. Low hop bitterness, perfect for style.

Bar snacks are available and food trucks will stop by occasionally. We brought food in from a pizza joint across the street from the brewery.

Sew Hop’d Brewery

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