Rating: 4.50
Location: Huntley, IL
Founded: 2019
Last visited: October 2022

Medium sized taproom with lots of outdoor seating. Our bartender was knowledgeable about the beers and was also well-versed in the local craft beer scene. There were 14 beers on tap when we visited.

John Boy Pils (5.00) – Crisp, medium bodied lager. Excellent bite of hop bitterness to balance malt sweetness. Hits the bullseye for this style.

Kölsch Call (4.50) – Smooth, clear, crisp German ale. Hint of hop bitterness just right for style.

Hey Hey Hazy IPA (4.75) – Straw colored, murky IPA. Beautiful hoppy bouquet. Fruity overtones abound. Bitterness lingers after first sip.

Alt 140 (3.75) – Amber appearance, medium body. Hopped slightly more aggressively than necessary for style. A slight increase in the malt bill would improve this beer significantly, as well as some extra roasted malt.

Cherry Funnel Cake Berliner Weisse (4.25) – Properly tart Berliner, with cherry adjuncts. Cake-like aspects in the bouquet are rather inviting. Terrific dessert type of beer.

Stan’s Amber (3.75) – Medium bodied amber ale. Hop bitterness noticeable, probably at a higher level than the listed 28 IBU. Well balanced beer that is quite drinkable.

The Friendly Village Porter (4.50) – Hugely malty porter. Creamy mouthfeel. Roasted aspects abound, but more would be even better. Warm and comforting beer. Vanilla notes in bouquet.

Borden Street Milk Stout (4.25) – Malty and sweet aspects at the forefront. Chocolate flavors sneak into the flavor profile. Low hop bitterness, perfect for style.

Dunkles (4.75) – Big, sweet, malty. Dark brown appearance. Roasted and caramel malts play a big role in the character of the beer. Subtle hop bitterness rounds out the flavor profile.

Hefeweizen (5.00) – Hazy straw colored Hefeweizen. Banana and clove are prominent. Properly formulated Hefeweizen.

Raging Monk Belgian Strong Dark Ale (4.00) – Dark, amber ale. Fruity aspects prominent in a complex flavor profile. Hop bitterness does not show through. 10% ABV evident and appears not to be overpowering at the start; the hammer comes later.

Bar snacks are available and food trucks will stop by occasionally. We brought food in from a pizza joint across the street from the brewery.

Sew Hop’d Brewery

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