Rating: 4.25
Location: Willow Springs, IL
Founded: 2014
Last Visited: August 2019

Located in a large garage space with high ceilings, two bars, and multiple tables. Large flat screen televisions. Picnic tables with umbrellas outside. A frequent hangout for bicyclists. All the beer that we have sampled has been excellent!

They focus on imperial strength and barrel aged brews, but offer a variety of styles to satisfy a wide range of tastes.

Kaiser Cucumber Watermelon Kölsch (3.75) – Very refreshing; cucumber and watermelon are excellent adjuncts; a bit more watermelon would provide better balance; summertime, drink-on-the-patio beer.
Helles Belles (4.50) – Solidly malty and deliciously sweet lager; very smooth; nicely hopped for great balance.
Belgian Wit (4.50) – Light, refreshing and fruity; Very low hop bitterness, as appropriate for style; hits all of the notes for witbier authenticity.
Das Boot! Oktoberfest (4.75) – Sweet and malty, a really big beer; terrific balance between malty sweetness and hop character.
Dunkelschizer Dunkelweizen (4.00) – Smooth, creamy weizen; dark malt does not overpower weizen character; terrific balance!
Czech Your Head Pilsner (3.50) – Smooth, sweet and malty; lacks the characteristic bitterness of a Czech pilsner; would be an excellent example of a Helles.
Imperial L’Oak-o Mexican Lager (4.00) – Light, refreshing, low hop bitterness; malty overtones in the finish.
Maiway or the Highway Maibock (4.50) – Bold, malty and powerful; inherent sweetness of Maibock style prevalent.
Jeff’s Bock Dunkelsbock (4.50) – Beautifully smooth; caramel malt flavor dominates, tempers the 6.5% ABV; outstanding example of the style.
Admiral Ackbeer Trappist Dubbel (4.25)– Bold, malty, sweet dubbel. A real treat and wonderfully sensory experience.
Farmer’s Daughter Saison (4.00) – Light-bodied and slightly fruity. hop character subtle and fully appropriate for style.
Imperial Oak Intoxicator Doppelbock (4.50) – Smooth and silky Doppelbock, 8.5 % ABV well hidden. Intense caramel aspects.

Food trucks are usually scheduled Thu-Sun, check the website for details. We sampled food from several: Chicago Pizza Boss, the Roaming Hog, Ofrenda (all excellent). Also try the Bacon Mac and Cheese Waffle from Wally’s Waffles, and the pulled pork sandwich from Twisted Classics.

Mon-Tue 3pm-11pm, Wed 12pm-11pm, Thu-Fri-Sat 12pm-1am, Sun 11am-10pm.

Imperial Oak Brewing

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