Rating: 4.75
Location: Kansas City, MO
Founded: 2016
Last visited: July 2023

The taproom is structured in minimalist fashion, a very unpretentious setup. The bar has lots of stuff piled up all over the place, including a copy of “Beer For Dummies.” The food menu is extensive. There were 10 beers on tap and 1 cider when we visited.

Double Chocolate Stout (5.00) – Black, opaque appearance. Roasted character upfront. Chocolate notes are subtle, but prominent. Smooth as silk.

Hefeweizen (5.00) – Light amber appearance. Slightly hazy. Banana and clove front and center. Great example of style.

Pilsener (4.50) – Golden appearance. Medium-bodied with a malty punch. Hop bitterness subtly comes to the forefront. Very well balanced in all aspects.

Schwarzbier (5.00) – Super dark, nearly opaque appearance. Huge, bold, roasted flavors dominate. Massive malty sweetness off the charts. Comparable to any version brewed in Germany.

brewery Emperial

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