Rating: 4.25
Location: Kansas City, MO
Founded: 2014
Last visited: July 2023

Comfy taproom and limited outdoor patio. Food menu is spartan, but does the job to pair seamlessly with the beer. There were 12 beers on tap when we visited.

Golden Garden Saison (4.75) – Straw yellow farmhouse ale. Beautifully complex flavor profile. Hints of citrus. Appropriately low level of hop bitterness. Great example of style.

High Contrast Belgian Wheat Ale (5.00) – Hazy, faded golden appearance. Very light bodied, as appropriate. Citrus, coriander splendidly dominant in flavor profile. Absolutely hits the bullseye.

Monk and Honey Belgian Ale (4.00) – Pale golden appearance. Addition of honey supplements malt sweetness. Low level of hop bitterness, as expected. Smooth to drink.

Nice Driveway Czech Pilsner (2.00) – Amber appearance, a bit dark for style. The presence of honey graham crackers is an unwanted adjunct. Residual sweetness from honey is excessive. Recipe contains fresh cut grass, God only knows why. Czech Pilsner is a classic style that does not need offbeat additives. In this case, the additives overshadow the beer’s bitterness, an essential characteristic for this style.

Roll To Hit English Dark Mild (4.00) – Dark amber appearance. Roasted aspects top of mind in this beer, perhaps too much? Smooth as silk. Beer seems to stray into porter territory.

Trip Dog Belgian Trippel (5.00) – Light amber appearance. Highly complex mixture of flavor components, Clove and orange peel front and center. 8.5% ABV evident, but not overpowering.

Torn Label Brewing Co

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