Rating: 4.00
Locations: Boston and Everett, MA
Founded: 2012
Last visited: July 2022

The Boston location is at Lovejoy Wharf. The taproom is massive, along with a spacious patio. The vibe is, “this is the place to be.” They are set up with a full kitchen. There were 13 beers on tap when we visited, along with several hard seltzers.

The taproom at Everett is expansive, along with a fairly large patio. The taproom has a spartan, industrial atmosphere. There were 11 beers on tap when we visited,

Blueberry Piescraper Blueberry Ale (3.50) – Fruity ale, easy to drink. Hop bitterness is in good balance with the rest of the flavor profile.

Santilli American IPA (3.50) – Medium-bodied IPA. Hoppy bouquet and dominant hop bitterness. Bitterness lingers in the aftertaste. Good example of style.

The 87 Double IPA (4.00) – Citrus notes abound. Unlike many Double IPAs, beer does not overpower with hop bitterness. Highly drinkable for this style.

Day Lite Wheat Lager (3.75) – Light-bodied, drinkable lager. Orange peel and citrus notes are a nice adjunct to a harmonious profile. Somewhat low level of hop bitterness, properly balanced.

Hop Lite Light Lager (4.00) – Complex blend of malt sweetness, hop bitterness, and citrus. Citrus also evident in bouquet.

Brew House Pilsner (4.00) – Medium-bodied pilsner. Solid dose of bittering hops. Slightly sweet aftertaste. It would be easy to drink a lot of this beer.

Fluffy New England IPA (4.00) – Malty, flowery, and hoppy. Ticks all the boxes for a New England IPA. All components blend cohesively. Perfectly acceptable version of style.

Quad 2016 Belgian Quad Ale (5.00) – Dark amber and brimming with malty goodness. Blend of fruit flavors is magnificent. 10.5% ABV concealed expertly. Outstanding example of style.

Night Shift Brewing

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