Rating: 3.25
Locations: Skokie and Evanston, IL
Founded: 2014
Last visited: June 2022

The Sketchbook Skokie taproom is massive and the adjoining patio has lots of elbow room. There is a wide range of tables, chairs, sofas; something for everyone. The decor features funky lighting and offbeat wall paintings. There were 15 beers on tap when we visited. Our bartender was pretty knowledgeable.


Amistosa Mexican Lager (2.75) – Very light-bodied lager. Somewhat hoppy finish, hints of citrus. Beer is too bitter for this low level of maltiness.

Beer for the Soul Belgian Pale Ale (3.00) – Traditional fruity aspects front and center. Slightly smoky character detracts from overall impression. Addition of BBQ sauce from local Soul and Smoke restaurant does not help this beer.

Bud’s Corvus Dry Stout (3.50) – Big, roasted character. Coffee notes abound. Malt bill needs to be increased to launch this beer to greatness.

Catharina Berliner Weisse (3.75) – Good example of style, pucker up! Light and refreshing.

Cumulus Hefeweizen (2.00) – Flavor profile resembles a fruited wheat ale, rather than a Hefeweizen. Puckering reaction after several sips. Sadly misses the mark.

Freedomish Saison (3.75) – A flavor explosion on first sip. Combination of strawberry, lime, and orange peel a real winner. Highly drinkable.

Level Par Helles (3.50) – Crisp, easy drinking lager. Hint of sweetness on first gulp. Beer is lightly hopped.

Pinky Sweater Pilsner (3.25) – Refreshing lager, somewhat dry. Light-bodied, not at all adventurous. Beer is lightly hopped, needs more to be a great beer.

Pravda Pilsner (4.00) – Medium-bodied pilsner. Appropriate level of hop bitterness for style. A pilsner that lives up to the classic characteristics.

Sketchbook Brewing Co

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