Rating: 4.00
Locations: Huntley and Villa Park, IL
Founded: 2017
Last visited: December 2021

We visited the Huntley brewery and restaurant for this review. It’s a massive operation, with a huge dining area and a full kitchen. A large gathering space is set up adjacent to the main room. One look at the brewing tanks and the fermenters makes it clear that these folks are serious about brewing. There were 15 beers on tap when we visited.

More Brewing’s original location is a brewpub in Villa Park, IL.

Huntley Helles (3.75) – Crisp, refreshing lager. On the lighter side with respect to body. Nice hop bitterness.

By Candlelight Hazy IPA (4.00) – Beautiful bouquet right from the jump. Fruity, floral. Malty, finely balanced. Extremely drinkable IPA.

ESB=M2 ESB (3.75) – Lovely malt sweetness. Somewhat lighter bodied than optimal. Hop bitterness spot on. Well rounded flavor profile.

Swerski Dunkelweizen (4.50)Weizenbier characteristics front and center. Dark and roasted adjunct malts present in proper proportion. The fundamental aspects of a Weizenbier and a dark beer are very well balanced. A well made Dunkelweizen difficult to find and this is one.

L2 Orbit imperial Hazy IPA (4.25) – Fruity aspects present in bouquet. Dry aftertaste. Hop bitterness rather upfront. 8% ABV not evident, easy and smooth to drink.

POG Fruited Sour Ale (4.00) – Fruity and pucker-worthy. Light bodied, sweet and sour collide in a very pleasant way. Complex fusion of blood orange and passion fruit. Hugely drinkable.

Monogatari Fruited Gose (3.00) – Lime character overpowering from first sip. Light bodied, appropriate for style.

A full menu is available, with a range of appetizers and main course items.

More Brewing Co

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