Rating: 4.50
Location: St Charles, IL
Founded: 2019
Last visited: October 2022

Located in an industrial park in St Charles, IL, Riverlands has a cozy and spacious taproom, with high-top and regular tables. The patio area has basic picnic tables and is quite nice. They had 16 beers on tap when we visited.

Premium Lager (5.00) – Crisp Helles style beer. Medium body, lightly and appropriately hopped. Very, very drinkable.

Scarecrows in Lederhosen Festbier (4.50) – Big, malty Märzen beer. Malt sweetness a dominant player. Caramel notes provide a complex flavor profile.

Embers and Ashes Grätzer Smoked Wheat Ale (4.00) – Smoky character evident but not overpowering. Medium body, well balanced ale.

Salty Fox Cherry Lime Gose (4.50) – Light, fruity, and refreshing. Cherry hits your palate initially, lime flavor comes in at the finish. All flavors well balanced. Low level of bitterness, as appropriate.

Pastry Power Cherry Cheesecake Sour (4.00) – Presence of lactose provides creamy texture reminiscent of cake. Highly complex combination of flavors. Tremendously well balanced.

Pastry Power Apple Crisp Sour (4.50) – Apple flavor at the start, followed by maple, cinnamon and nuts. Sweet and sour character evident. The flavors are finely layered, rather than a mish-mash of different impressions.

Cooler Gargoyle Imperial Stout (4.50) – Big, bold, malty, savory stout. Coffee character evident in bouquet and first sip. Smooth as silk, 10% ABV concealed well. Malty sweetness a big flavor component.

Murky Waters Hazy IPA (4.75) – Many floral aspects in bouquet. Hearty, full-bodied, rich IPA. Malt sweetness and hop bitterness well balanced. Grapefruit notes evident.

Kayak Pils (4.75) – Crisp, refreshing, malty lager. Nice bite of hop bitterness. Well balanced all around. Super crisp lager made for kicking your feet up and drinking. Strong malt character front and center. Tinge of hop bitterness in the finish.

Wolfssegen Dunkel (5.00) – Dark, powerful lager. Roasted character front and center. Outstanding example of style. Reminiscent of top German dark lagers.

Cosmic Garage Party Hazy IPA (3.50) – Citrusy and refreshing beer. Citrus notes also evident in bouquet. Not overly bitter and properly balanced. A decent, but unremarkable Hazy IPA.

Juleøl Winter Ale (4.00) – Big and dark Norwegian-style ale. Melange of spices, dominated by ginger. Cinnamon and orange not evident. Hearty beer for winter warming.

Acid Rainbow: Strawberry Rhubarb Fruited Sour (4.25) – Hazy, amber ale. Packed with a variety of flavors, such as sweet, sour, and strawberry. Beer is not excessively sour. Vanilla notes come through significantly.

Fortifier Doppelbock (5.00) – Massively malty bock beer. Roasted flavors dominate, as expected. 7.7% ABV hardly noticeable. Tremendous example of style.

Orbital Velocity Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (4.75) – Complex flavor profile, including peanut butter. Chocolate aspects in bouquet and in first sip. Thick, creamy, milkshake consistency. Sweet character in aftertaste. 14.5% ABV noticeable but not overpowering.

Gravity Void Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (4.75) – Creamy texture. Complex mixture of flavors, dominated by hazelnut. Chocolate character shines through. Somewhat boozy, but 14.5% ABV in check.

Midnight Silence Schwarzbier (5.00) – Huge, rich, sweet, malty character. Powerful roasted aspects. Minimal level of hop bitterness. Ticks every box for the elements of a top Schwarzbier. As good as any Schwarzbier brewed in Germany.

Biergarden Symphony Vienna Lager (3.75) – Sweet, malty amber lager. Hop bitterness appropriate for style. Needs a bigger dose of malt to achieve greatness.

Spring Rejuvenation Maibock (5.00) – Sweet and powerful Helles Bock. 6.8% ABV deceptively hidden, drinks smooth as silk. Worthy of any German Brauhaus.

Dukes of Bavaria Hefeweizen (5.00) – Light, refreshing Hefeweizen. Clove character comes right to the front. Hits the bullseye as the classic Hefeweizen.

Book of Mark Zoigl Lager (4.00) – Crisp, light-bodied lager. The right dose of hop bitterness creates a very nice balance. Bitterness lingers into aftertaste. High level of drinkability.

Kiwi Burrow Keller Pils (4.75) – Straw colored, slightly hazy pilsner. Well rounded flavor profile. Mouthfeel is malty, which lingers throughout. Tinge of hop bitterness.

Knights of Bavaria Dunkelweizen (5.00) – Hazy, amber Weizenbier. Malty character evident, along with classic Hefeweizen aspects of banana and clove. The balance between these components is outstanding and is rarely found in American brewed Dunkelweizen.

Riverlands Brewing Co

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