Rating: 3.25
Location: Glenview, IL
Founded: 2017
Last visited: October 2017

Macushla is an Irish word meaning “my pulse, my lifeblood” and “my darling.” The brewery is owned by Mike Welch, a fourth-generation member of the Masterson family, who has run Hackney’s restaurant since 1939.

Basic taproom with a bar and a few tables, as well as an outside patio area with picnic benches. Very small brewing operation; two brew kettles and four fermentors.

Hours are: Tue-Sat 12-10pm; Sun 12-8pm. They had eight beers on tap.

Chalk Eater IPA (3.25) – Medium-bodied IPA; fruity aroma, decent balance between maltiness and bitterness.
Pulse Pale Ale (2.25) – Medium-bodied pale ale; nothing exceptional or remarkable; decent example of style.
Kitz Irish Red (3.00) – Nice malty mouthfeel; more roasted malt would make this beer outstanding.
Sans Souci Belgian Farmhouse Ale (4.50) – Excellent Belgian ale; fruity notes evident from start to finish; hugely drinkable.
Roozh Kettle Sour (3.50) – Super sour beer; very low malt character, needs more body.
Smiling Mickey American Brown Ale (4.25) – Outstanding brown ale; bold, malty, sweet, all rolled into one; low bitterness appropriate for style.
Clothesline Oatmeal Stout (2.25) – Way too thin-bodied to be a proper stout; oatmeal character not overly evident.
Clothesline Oatmeal Stout with Coffee (3.25) – Addition of coffee to recipe is a massive improvement on the flavor experience; still needs more roasted malt.

Food available from Hackney’s next door.

Macushla Brewing Co

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