Rating: 3.25
Location: Mount Horeb, WI
Founded: 2000
Last visited: July 2016

The trip from Madison to the Grumpy Troll is a pleasant, 30-minute, scenic drive.

Twelve beers on tap, both ales and lagers.

Troll’s Gold Lager (3.25) – Sweet malt flavor, low hop bitterness.
Spetsnaz Stout (3.25) – Decent, but forgettable stout.

Basic pub fare. Specials include the Friday All Day Fish Fry, and Saturday night Prime Rib. Diners around us seemed very pleased with it.

On this visit, our group tried some simple menu items such as the Patty Melt, Create Your Own Burger, Fish Tacos and House Salad. For the most part, everyone enjoyed the food; the House Salad had a slightly overwhelming taco spice seasoning mixed in with the cheese that was unexpected. The raspberry vinaigrette was a bit too sweet. It would have been nice if the fish tacos had an option for grilled or sauteed fish, as well as deep-fried.

The décor was a bit old fashioned. Tables were very close together, and with a full crowd on Saturday night, it was quite noisy.

Birthday revelers will enjoy the “Grumpy Birthday” rendition sung by the staff as they serve a complimentary ice cream sundae after the meal.

The Grumpy Troll

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