Rating: 3.75
Location: Baroda, MI
Founded: 1995
Last visited: October 2016

Comfortable space, easygoing atmosphere. The outside appearance of an old red barn is the opposite of the modern decor inside. One of three locations, the Public House opened in 2014. They have 19 beers on tap, 18 wines and 8 spirits. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Kölsch (4.25) – Refreshing, crisp taste, light-bodied, hugely drinkable, low hop bitterness.
Grape Expectations (3.75) – Blend of pale ale and Niagra grapes; light and refreshing, lawnmower beer, hint of fruitiness.
Reverse Psychology Hefeweizen (4.25) – Traditional German Hefeweizen; banana and clove evident, body a bit light.
Hop Dealer American IPA (4.00) – Fresh, citrus flavor, robustly hopped.
Vacation Belgian Wit Hybrid (3.25) – Interesting concept, more Witbier than APA; highly drinkable; would have been quite a good Witbier.
Indecision Amber Ale (3.25) – Light/medium body, nothing special, hop character minimal.
Oh Rye Goodness (1.75) – Brown ale ruined by the addition of rye malt.
Vanilla ‘Stache Porter (4.00) – Vanilla highly prominent; as a porter, it’s a bit light-bodied; roasted malt flavor and vanilla a real asset; complex and enjoyable.
Schwartz Dry Coffee Stout (4.50) – Coffee influence evident, hits the palate at the end; an excellent stout with coffee overtones.
Black Magic Raspberry Stout (2.50) – Addition of raspberry detracts from the stout character; berry acidity counteracts roasted flavor of what a stout should be.

Seasonal, locally sourced menu, made from scratch. Choose from a selection of starters, soups and salads, sandwiches and pizzas.

Round Barn Public House

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