Rating: 3.25
Locations: Asheville, Raleigh, and Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2013
Last visited: August 2022

We visited the South Slope location in Asheville. The patio, which is an extensive collection of picnic tables, provides a huge seating area. Unpretentious, low-key, comfortable vibe. There were an incredible 33 beers on tap on our visit.

Contrition Pilsner (3.00) – Lacks distinctive character. Kind of malty, kind of sweet, kind of bitter, but none of these characteristics stand out. Smooth, easy to drink, but rather nondescript.

Billows Kölsch (2.75) – Tastes like a less bitter version of the Contrition pilsner. Lacks the crisp, refreshing character of a top Kölsch. Hazy straw colored beer. Citrusy flavor off-putting.

Machete Extra Farmhouse Ale (3.50) – Light bodied ale. Hazy, straw colored. Fruity overtones, perhaps a bit in excess. Not very bitter, as appropriate. If blindfolded, one might mistake this beer for a shandy.

Portal Near the Bounds of Nonexistence Imperial Stout (4.00) – Black as the ace of spades. 15% ABV is detectable, but not overpowering. Full, malty experience. Coffee, chocolate, caramel? Coconut present, but not contributing to flavor profile. Hop bitterness overshadowed by the bigness of this beer, which is not a bad thing.

Burial Beer Co

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