Rating: 3.25
Location: Portsmouth, NH
Founded: 1991
Last visited: June 2022

A fairly large brewpub with a full food menu. Located on a quaint street in Portsmouth, NH. There were nine beers on tap when we visited, along with guest beers.

Genny I Got Your Number (3.50) – An ale fermented at lager temperature, is it a K├Âlsch? Could be, it’s certainly light and crisp. Just enough hop bitterness to balance malty sweetness. Contains flaked corn, which is more appropriate in a cereal bowl than in a beer recipe.

Surrender to the Flow New England IPA (3.50) – Flowery bouquet at the start. Rather light-bodied. Hop bitterness just right to make this a drinkable beer.

Vienna Lager (2.75) – Amber lager, lacking in caramel or roasted malts. Hop bitterness is at an unadventurous level. A nice amber lager, but well short of a true Vienna.

Market St Porter (3.50) – Roasted and chocolate malts dominate. It’s a good start, but more is needed. Low level of hop bitterness, which is fine for this style. Creamy mouthfeel.

Libeeration Gruit Ale (3.50) – Strange and kitschy combination of fruity and herb flavors. Herbs are alleged to help older women adjust to hormone changes. Light and refreshing.

The menu has lots of choices, so there will be something for everyone. While this is not fine dining, it’s a significant step above typical bar food.

Portsmouth Brewery

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