Rating: 4.50
Location: Portland, ME
Founded: 1995
Last visited: June 2022

Beers are sampled in a comfortable patio setting with lots of elbow room. Much of the are is covered, so there’s plenty of protection from too much sun and from rainy conditions. There were 12 beers on tap when we visited and many more beers were available in cans and bottles.

White (4.50) – Flagship beer, excellent example of Belgian Witbier style. Light, crisp, citrus character. Slightly hazy. Coriander aspects flourish, as expected.

Seconds to Summer Lager (4.25) – Crisp, refreshing lager. Biting hop bitterness throughout is reminiscent of the top German lagers.

House Belgian Pale Ale (4.75) – Ticks all the boxes for a Belgian pale ale. Thin, but solid head that lingers throughout the slurp. Smooth, malty character. Quite reminiscent of Duvel.

Coolship Cerise (4.00) – Super cherry-forward, pucker worthy. Wort for this beer acquires wild yeasts from the air as it cools. Fermented in oak barrels. A big dose of locally grown cherries is added to the barrels.

Rustic Lager (4.50) – Medium-bodied lager, with malty sweetness at the forefront. Properly balanced between malt character and hop bitterness. Presence of Belgian Pale malt adds to this beer’s complexity.

Dark Lager (4.75) РBig, roasted coffee flavors dominate profile. Not overly bitter. Malty character is what this beer is all about. Beer aims to be a cross between a Schwarzbier and a Bi̬re de Garde and is quite successful.

Allagash Brewing Co

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