Rating: 3.50
Location: Sawyer, MI
Founded: 2011
Last visited: October 2016

Small and super busy bar/restaurant. We were lucky to get seats at the bar on a Saturday afternoon, as the wait for a table was over an hour. They have expanded the taproom three times, added the annex and beer garden across the street, and have also opened a diner called the Clean Plate Club. They increased production from a seven-barrel brewhouse to 15-barrel, and are now producing beer for Michigan, Illinois and Indiana. They prefer to brew higher alcohol and barrel-aged beers.

There were 14 beers on tap. Open seven days a week.

Big Heavy Lobster Lager with Honey (3.00) – Medium body lager with low bitterness; honey does not enhance the flavor.
Bee Box Orange Blossom Honey Pale Ale (3.50) – Easy drinking pale ale, low hop bitterness, medium body.
Juicebox Hero Citrus Ale (3.25) – Mild citrus flavor, very low bitterness, easy to drink.
Rye No Rye Golden Ale (3.75) – Medium body, easy to drink, only a hint of rye.
Distorter Porter (4.00) – Full bodied porter; creamy, roasted flavor; very good example of the style.
Closure Pale Ale (NR) – Significantly bitter; is it an IPA?

Limited menu with Appetizers, Soups & Salads, Pizzas, Entrees (two), Sandwiches and Barbecue. Other than beer, the barbecue seems to be the popular choice, and the reason this place is always full. Try the beef brisket sandwich, which comes on a toasted bun with one of nine sides to choose from.

Greenbush Brewing Co

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