Rating: 3.75
Location: Madison, WI
Founded: 2013
Last Visited: July 2016

Brewing beer in collaboration with Potosi; currently available in two-thirds of Wisconsin, with plans to distribute to the entire state by the end of 2016. A lively, large space.

Bubbler Blonde Ale (3.50) – Light body, significant bitter aftertaste, solid choice.
Kaleidoscope American Pale Ale (3.75) – Medium body, hop aftertaste, nice balance of malts.
Threevex Wild Ale (3.25) – Mild malt flavor, low bitterness, thin/medium body.
El Dorado Pale Ale (3.50) – Sweet malt flavor, medium/low bitterness.
Cashmere Pale Ale (3.50) – Light version of Bubbler; light body, low bitterness; definitely a session beer.
Rockets Red Ale (4.00) – Medium body, roasted malt flavor, great balance between malt and hops.
Luminous IPA (4.00) – Medium body, balance between bitter and fruitiness, despite 68 IBUs, very drinkable.
Livacious Saison (4.00) – Medium body, fruity notes evident, low bitterness.
Egan’s Revenge Gose (2.00) – Strange aftertaste.
Darth Porter (4.75) – Big roasted flavor, super malty, notes of chocolate, awesome!
Plumptuous Scotch Ale (NR) – High alcohol influence, other flavor aspects masked by alcohol

The food was excellent, and a step above most other brewpubs, with house made salad dressings and unique flavor combinations. They offer daily specials, so be sure to ask about them.

Check out the Sassy Bird Sandwich, a grilled chicken breast on a soft cheese bread bun with house-made harissa mayo, and brie and crushed walnut spread. Get a salad for a side dish; it includes a generous amount of mixed greens, tomato and cucumber, dressed with a delicious, slightly sweet, orange vinaigrette. We will definitely stop here again, the next time we’re in town.

Next Door Brewing Co

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