Rating: 4.50
Location: Bern, SUI
Founded: 1998
Last visited: September 2022

Busy brewpub. Huge restaurant and patio area, which overlooks the Aare River. A small park sits adjacent to the Aare and to the restaurant, where one can see three bears frolicking.

Tram Helles (4.50) – Malty, refreshing, nicely bittered. Sweetness from malt retained elegantly in aftertaste.

Tram Märzen (4.50) – Big and malty. Malt sweetness dominates. Hints of caramel malt provide well-rounded flavor profile. Additional hop bitterness would elevate this beer.

Tram Weizen (5.00) – Banana and clove flavors front and center, as expected. Nice, malty mouthfeel. A beer made for extended sipping.

Saints and Sinners New England IPA (4.00) – Amber beer. Big malt flavor. Good balance with hop bitterness. Grassy aspects in evidence.

Lemondrop Smash Pale Ale (3.75) – Hazy, straw colored beer. Lemon/citrus flavor. Hop bitterness hard to detect when the beer is this sour.

Wide ranging menu, with salads, burgers, wurst, pretzels, and other classic dishes. Something for everyone. Salad bowl was quite tasty and included everything but the kitchen sink.

Altes Tramdepot Brauerei und Restaurant

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