Rating: 4.25
Location: Madison, WI
Founded: 1994
Last visited: July 2017

The original location opened in 1994, and now they’ve expanded to five locations in the area. We visited the Fitchburg and Hilldale locations. Both were excellent.

Wild Pitch Wit (4.00) – Fruity, light body, no bitterness, great example of the style.
Crop Circle Wheat (4.50) – Traditional hefeweizen, clove flavor prominent, as if it were brewed in Germany.
Märzen (3.75) – Nice, roasted flavor, more like a “lite” Märzen.
Maibock (4.25) – Big body, malt flavor, sweetness from malt very evident.
Black Earth Porter (cask) (4.75) – Bold, roasted malt flavor, heavy coffee flavor, great example of the style.
John Stoner’s Oatmeal Stout (nitro) (4.50) – Rich, roasted flavor, full coffee overtones.
Peck’s Pilsner (4.25) – Full-bodied and robust; big mouthfeel and nicely balanced with Saaz hops.
Verrückte Stadt German Pils (4.25) – Crisp, straw-colored pilsner; lightly hopped; wonderful malty character.
Landmark Lite (NR) – Light body, refreshing, not like most “lite” beers. Lawnmower beer.
Old Glory American Pale Ale (NR) – Great balance of malts and bitterness, complex mix of malts.

Try the Webster Street Chicken Salad, filled with mixed greens, roasted chicken, apples, dried cranberries, walnuts and gorgonzola cheese; and the Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap, filled with fresh chopped romaine, warm grilled chicken, tossed in Caesar dressing wrapped in a garden vegetable tortilla. Both great choices.

Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co

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