Rating: 4.50
Location: Itasca, IL
Founded: 2012

Last visited: September 2023

Owners Joe and Lisa Gregor use traditional German brewing methods to craft their wide range of lagers and ales that represent both old and new beer styles of European influence. The Gregors are churning out approachable, award-winning beers and continuing to grow their brewery’s ever-expanding footprint in the region. Joe is a chemical engineer, so he was a natural at brewing beer, as well as setting up the structure of a brewery.  

We have visited many times and are always impressed with the quality of the beer.  It’s one of our favorites in the Chicago area. They typically have eight beers on tap.  The tap room is not fancy, but a functional space in a warehouse. There are four high top bar tables in the front, plus additional tables in the back near the brew tanks, as well as outside.  


11:11 Kölsch (4.50) – Golden, straw yellow appearance. Light, crisp, refreshing German ale. Lightly bittered, according to style. Great example of the style native to Köln.

Cathedral Dampfbier (5.00) – Amber colored German ale. Malt sweetness dominates flavor profile. Caramel malt is also a big player here. Hop bitterness delicately balanced. Medium bodied and highly drinkable. Collaboration with Art History Brewing Co.5+4.25

Continental Lager (4.25) – Amber colored, full-bodied lager with a bold level of hoppiness.

CTL ALT Bier (5.00) – Big, bold, overflowing with malty goodness; outstanding roasted character; genuine example of style.

Czech Style Pilsner (4.75) – Fine balance between solid maltiness and hop bitterness; lingering bitter aftertaste totally appropriate for the style.

Der Komissar Vienna Lager (4.50) – Brown/amber appearance. Malty sweetness is prominent. Light hop bitterness lingers through aftertaste. Collaboration with Will County Brewing.

Head in the Clouds Zwickelbier (4.00) – Traditional German unfiltered light lager; very true to style, mild and smooth.

Heavenly Helles (4.50) – A cool, crisp version of the classic German style. While not adventurous, the Helles provides a solid example of a well-rounded beer.

Holy Cow Milk Stout (Nitro) (3.75)– Beautifully malty, lovely coffee and chocolate flavors lurking in the background.

Itascafest Märzen (4.50) – Sweet and malty Oktoberfest beer; nice balance concerning roasted malts; among the best domestically brewed Märzens.

Lubelskie Polish Pilsner (3.75) – Medium body, low hop character; crisp flavor, perfect for enjoying on a leisurely Sunday.

Meditace Czech Amber Lager (4.25) – Copper amber color. Medium-bodied lager, some caramel notes. Malty sweetness rises to the front. Flavor reminiscent of a Vienna Lager. Flowery notes evident. Low level of hop bitterness. Collaboration with Art History Brewing. Served on a side pour tap.

Midnight Mass Milk Stout (5.00) – Really big mouthfeel. Roasted flavors, coffee notes abound. Presence of lactose prominent. Malty sweet character dominates. 10% ABV concealed expertly.

N9nth Circle Baltic Porter (5.00) – Massive roasted character front and center. Hints of chocolate and coffee apparent. Low hop bitterness, appropriate for style. Big and bold, no holds barred.

Schwarzbier (4.75) – Malty, roasted flavors dominate flavor profile. Subtle coffee aspects add complexity. Hop bitterness finely incorporated. Additional chocolate notes would elevate this beer.

Sour Razz (4.00) – Light, refreshing, slightly fizzy. Raspberry character obviously dominant, but hardly overpowering. Hardly any hop bitterness, as appropriate.

Westfalia Dortmunder (5.00) – Collaboration beer with Roaring Table in Lake Zurich, IL. Big, malty sweetness front and center. Nice touch of hoppiness in the finish. Ticks the boxes for the classic Dortmunder.

Church Street has their own kitchen. The menu includes appetizers, pizzas, and sandwiches.

Mon-Thu 5pm-10pm, Fri 4pm-11pm, Sat 12pm-11pm, Sun 12pm-7pm

Church Street Brewing

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