Rating: 3.75
Location: Kansas City, MO
Founded: 1989
Last visited: July 2023

Multi-story complex, including a gift shop, massive beer hall, and terrific outdoor patio. The beer hall setting is full of picnic tables. The space is kid-friendly. The food menu is a nice collection of things like tacos and shareables. There were 28 beers on tap, including a second bar serving experimental beers.

We took the Smokestack Tour, which we strongly recommend. The tour guides are very knowledgeable and highly passionate about beer.

Black Peppercorn Foeder Saison Ale with Brett (4.00) – Golden color. Foeder aging adds complexity to this beer. Peppercorn rises to the surface. Hop bitterness sits in background.

Czech Pale Lager (4.25) – Light, straw yellow color. Very light-bodied, highly drinkable. Nice little bite of hop bitterness. Malty character in harmony with hoppiness. Served with a traditional side pour tap.

Jokers Wit Witbier (2.75) – Too much body to be proper Witbier, which is very light-bodied. Spicy character from peppercorns is objectionable and does not belong in a Witbier.

Pale Ale (3.75) – Light amber appearance. Bitterness evident on first sip, but lingers only slightly. Caramel malt is there, but a nice balance exists in the flavor profile.

Rye on Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged Ale (4.50) – Rye beer aged in rye whiskey barrels. Super sweet and malty. Definitely boozy at 12% ABV .

Southwest Blvd Lager with Lime & Salt (3.00) – Sampled at Kauffman Stadium at a baseball game. Very light-bodied, an obvious appeal to consumers of commodity lagers. Lime aspects excessive.

Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale (4.00) – Golden appearance. Citrus and clove notes apparent. Bitter aspects tie things together.

Boulevard Brewing Co

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