Rating: 4.00
Location: Cedar Rapids, IA
Founded: 2014
Last visited: June 2023

Located in the New Bohemia District near the Cedar River. Nice and spacious taproom with a range of tall and short tables. There were 16 beers on tap when we visited.

Bohemian Premium Golden Lager (4.00) – Medium-bodied lager. Golden/straw appearance. Slight hop bitterness detected on first sip and lingers slightly in the aftertaste. Well constructed lager.

Compensation English Mild Ale (4.75) – Medium brown color. Roasted and caramel malts are true champions. Hop bitterness detectable and melds seamlessly with other components. Two time GABF gold medalist, well earned.

Crushberry Kettle Sour Blueberry (3.50) – Strawberry red appearance. Total fruit juice experience.

Tag Tangerine Wheat Beer (3.75) – Straw yellow, hazy appearance. Fruity character prominent in bouquet and initial taste. Light bodied and easy to drink. Hop bitterness stays in the background, which might appeal to a wider audience.

Ziva Vida Czech Pilsner (4.50) – Straw, light amber appearance. Big and malty, as appropriate. Hop bitterness front and center and lingers throughout, as expected. Excellent example of style.

Extensive menu with shareables and sandwiches.

Lion Bridge Brewing Co

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