Rating: 4.25
Location: Elkhorn, WI
Founded: 2019
Last visited: April 2023

Duesterbeck’s is located in a rural area and is a farm converted into a brewery. The entire operation occupies a massive footprint, which includes a taproom, gift shop, and spacious patio area.

The food menu has quite a bit of variety, with pizza, big pretzels, and various snacks.

There were 17 beers on tap when we visited.


Back Forty Irish Stout (nitro) (5.00) – Black, nearly opaque appearance. Roasted character defines the nature of this beer. Smooth as silk. Perfectly harmonious beer.

Barn Quilt Blondie Blonde Ale (3.75) – Straw colored ale. Smooth, easy to drink. Hop bitterness barely detectable. Well-built, all-around beer.

Bawk Bawk Bock (4.50) – Amber colored lager. Full-bodied, with malt character front and center. Very nice balance between hop bitterness and malt aspects.

Bees Be Crazy Hefeweizen (3.00) – Straw colored, slightly hazy. All of the classic elements present, like banana and clove. Presence of honey obvious and distinct, but a bit more than necessary.

Muddy Duroc Brown Ale (3.75) – Amber appearance. Somewhat lighter bodied. Could use a boost of roasted or caramel malt.

Nutty Bill’s Peanut Butter Porter (4.75) – Very dark, nearly opaque appearance. Peanut aroma very evident in bouquet. Excellent porter characteristics; big, malty, and roasty. Peanut character is significant, but far from overwhelming. Highly drinkable beer.

Oatmeal Stout (4.50) – Very dark, nearly black appearance. Roasted character is plentiful. Oatmeal adjunct sit nicely in the background. Dry aftertaste. Outstanding example of style.

Roosterbeck Amber Ale (3.75) – Light brown amber appearance. Medium-bodied, good balance between hop bitterness and malt sweetness. Smooth, easy to drink.

Duesterbeck’s Brewing Co

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