Rating: 4.50
Location: Asheville, NC
Founded: 2021
Last visited: August 2022

Smallish but stylish taproom with a decent sized beer garden. An L-shaped bar dominates the taproom layout. Tucked in next to a recycling plant. There were 13 beers on tap when we visited.


Bob’s Head Chill Helles (3.50) – Medium-bodied lager. Slightly hazy. Addition of honey oat granola sends the flavor profile into a strange and unexpected direction. Honey sweetness detracts from classic Helles profile.

Cosmos Baltic Dark Lager (3.75) – Dark, brown and malty. Tastes more like a porter than a lager. Malty sweetness that is expected in a lager is drowned out by hoppiness. Coffee notes. Yeasty aftertaste. Lagered for eight weeks, but ale character remains.

Focal Point Vienna Lager (4.25) – Malty sweetness front and center. Medium-bodied amber lager. Nice dose of hop bitterness, well balanced.

Keller Kellerpils (4.75) – Medium-bodied lager. Terrific hop bite. Highly drinkable. Crisp and fresh.

Subterrain UK Dark Mild Ale (5.00) – Dark amber ale. Malty character in harmony with proper hop bitterness. Nutty aspects hide in the background. Hits the bullseye for this style.

Tmave Origin Czech Dark Lager (5.00) – Hugely malty. Bold, roasted flavors dominate. Chocolate, caramel, coffee notes. Hop bitterness tucked away in the background.

We’ve Been Jammed Fruited Berliner Weisse (5.00) – Hazy, pinkish beer. Tartness of the Berliner style maintained throughout. Presence of raspberry, blackberry and vanilla ice cream provides a complex flavor profile.

New Origin Brewing Co

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