Rating: 3.25
Location: Somerville, MA
Founded: 2016
Last visited: July 2022

A very small operation, with brewing tanks in the basement of the building. Many beers are served directly from the bright tank. The set-up is spartan, but effective. There were seven beers on tap, plus one hard seltzer when we visited.

Relatively Easy Hefeweizen (2.50) – Rather thin-bodied, grain bill needs to be beefed up. Clove character evident. Easy to drink, but misses the mark.

Sun Buzz Hazy New England IPA (3.50) – Easy and drinkable IPA. Fruity and citrusy. 6.5% ABV well hidden. Nice balance between hop bitterness and malt sweetness.

Pool Boy Double IPA (2.50) – Big and malty. High level of bitterness, as expected.

Rando Brown Ale (4.75) – Huge, roasted character is the shining star. Nice, creamy mouthfeel, smooth as silk. Hop bitterness balanced nicely.

A full menu is available, including breakfast.

Winter Hill Brewing Co

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