Rating: 4.00
Location: St Charles, IL
Founded: 2019
Last visited: December 2021

Modest taproom and an enclosed patio area. The place has a substantial industrial feel. The bartender mentioned that overall product quality had improved ever since their new Master Brewer came on board. There were 12 beers on tap when we visited.

10W 30 American Stout (3.50) – Medium bodied stout. Might be improved by beefing up the malt bill. Dry aftertaste. Low level of hop bitterness, quite appropriate for style.

Autoblonde Blonde Ale (3.75) – Medium bodied beer, quite refreshing. Moderate level of hop bitterness. Highly drinkable.

Burn Out Rauchbier (4.00) – Smoky aspects in bouquet and flavor, not at all overpowering. Smooth mouthfeel, properly balanced. Low level of hop bitterness. Brewed in collaboration with Brother Chimp Brewing in North Aurora, IL.

Turbo Coffee Porter (4.50) – Big, malty, dark porter. Roasted flavors and coffee aspects front and center. Incredibly smooth.

Food can be ordered from Urban Counter, which sits alongside the brewery.

93 Octane Brewery

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