Rating: 4.00
Location: Sheboygan, WI
Founded: 2011
Last visited: July 2023

Large taproom in a warehouse-type space with a long bar and picnic tables. The owners built the taproom themselves. They made the bar, poured the concrete, forged the tasting glass holders out of old barrel staves. They even repurposed the bleachers from Sheboygan’s historic Armory building and turned them into the taproom’s tables and chairs.

Regular events offered at the taproom include trivia, yoga, and live music. Check the website for details. 16 beers on tap.


3 Sheeps Pils (3.00) – Light, refreshing pilsner; not particularly hoppy; lawnmower beer.

Armchair Quarterback Copper Lager (3.25) – Amber lager with a touch of malty sweetness; hint of hop bitterness in the finish.

Bon Bon Chocolate Milk Stout (4.00) – Subtle chocolate notes; sweeter alternative to a traditional stout.

Cashmere Hammer Stout (Nitro) (4.50) – Big, bold, malty beer; tremendous roasted character; a stout that stands out among the rest.

Fresh Coast Juicy Pale Ale (3.50) – Hazy pale ale loaded with citrus notes; appropriately hopped and well balanced.

Oktoberfest (4.75) – Amber appearance. Full, roasty mouthfeel. Malty sweetness is at top shelf level. Terrific use of caramel malts. Hop bitterness a minor player, but expertly balanced. Slight smoky character, a nice distinction.

Rebel Kent Belgian Amber Ale (4.00) – Malty, sweet Belgian-style ale; bold and somewhat adventurous.

Veneration Barrel-Aged Belgian Quadrupel (4.75) – A very big beer with a lasting effect; despite the long aging period in whiskey barrels, alcohol character is not a punch in the nose; super smooth, sweet and malty.

No food served.

Hours are: Mon-Tue 4-10 pm; Wed-Thu 2–10 pm; Fri 2–11 pm; Sat 11 am–11 pm; Sun 11 am–7 pm. Great tour offered on Fridays and Saturdays. $10 includes a nice beer glass and 4 samples.

3 Sheeps Brewing Co

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