Rating: 3.50
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Founded: 2014: Closed 2018
Last Visited: July 2016

We visited this place shortly after they first opened two years ago, and were not that impressed with the beer. This time it seems to have turned around.

Small, casual, unpretentious, blues playing on the sound system. Beer is brewed for the pub only, no outside distribution. Ten beers on tap; they also offer a full bar.

Our biggest complaint is that the beer styles are not listed on the chalkboard, only the names.

Cukenbrah Cucumber Saison (4.00) – Light-bodied Saison, hint of cucumber a nice variant. Won first place at the Midwest Craft Brewers Conference.
Banana Hammock Belgian Tripel (4.00) – Solid example of style, medium body, 8% ABV but not evident; clove factor prominent.
Porter (NR) – Robust, roasted flavor, could be maltier; very good example of the style.
New Bay View Hefeweizen (NR) – Nice, wheat ale, NOT a Hefeweizen; totally drinkable ale

Free popcorn; pizzas made to order. Need a bigger menu to be successful.

District 14 Brewery and Pub (CLOSED)

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