Rating: 4.25
Location: Bridgman, MI
Founded: 2013
Last visited: October 2018

Bare bones, utilitarian taproom directly across the street from Tapistry Brewing. It’s dog friendly, and reminds us of taprooms we’ve visited in Seattle.

Brewer Chris Betts has been making beer in Chicago since 2013, and is a big fan of wilds, sours, and Saisons.

They had eight beers on tap, plus bottle sales. It was funny to see patrons scramble to get in line for more beer when the brew bus arrived with a big crowd.

Nordic Brett Farmhouse Ale (4.50) – Light and lively Saison; very relaxed and easy drinking; sour/citrus notes prevalent
De Chaunac Grape Maigre Sour Wheat (4.00) – Raspberry flavor dominates; tart and refreshing
Junie Imperial Stout (5.00) – Huge chocolate character; coconut and salted caramel flavors also come through; rich as a milkshake; high ABV (11.5%) not evident; excellent beer
Indoorsman Brett Pale Ale (3.50) – Medium body, hop aroma, mild hop bitterness
Imperial Peach Maigre Berliner Weisse (4.25) – Excellent example of the style, the presence of peach enhances the flavor, but does not dominate; refreshing
Pineapple Salarium Gose (4.75) – Not super sour, no pucker-up reaction; pineapple fits in harmoniously; easiest to drink Gose ever!
Rye Saison (4.00) – Rye is a big contributor to flavor; Saison character not evident, which makes the beer approachable to a wide range of beer drinkers
Henry American Porter (4.25) – Big and malty, roasted flavor dominates, would be even better with lower ABV

No food served, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Wed-Thu 4pm-8pm, Fri 4pm-9pm, Sat 12pm-9pm, Sun 12pm-7pm.

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